Michael Lanza


Michael Lanza's Photos

Michael specializes in outdoor-adventure photography. Click on any image below or here to see a gallery of his images.

Hikers walk a narrow ridge on a peak named Blahnukur, near Landmannalaugar in Iceland’s remote Fjallabak Nature Reserve.

Stefan Kinnestrand carefully negotiates the narrow summit ridge of Dome Peak in Washington's Glacier Peak Wilderness.

Upper Yosemite Falls, in Yosemite Valley, drops a sheer 1,430 feet into a rainbow formed by the mist it produces at its base. Half Dome looms in the background.

Geoff Sears kayaks below the sheer walls of Deep Creek, a tributary of the Owyhee River in remote southwestern Idaho.

Guido Buenstorf and Penny Beach trek the Europaweg trail in the Swiss Alps.
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